The others

Συναντώ σε ένα απο τα camp των εθελοντών στη Συκαμινέα την Tina Amari. Γερμανίδα απο το Μόναχο. Έχει έρθει με τη μητέρα της εδώ και μια εβδομάδα. Έχουν στήσει μια σκηνή, συγκεντρώνουν ρούχα και μόλις βγουν οι βάρκες τρέχουν να εφοδιάσουν παιδιά με ρούχα ζεστά και παππούτσια. Τη ρωτάω πως πήρες την απόφαση. Μου λέει «έβλεπα τα νέα και ήθελα να βοηθήσω και απλά…ήρθα». Δεν είναι μέλος κάποιας οργάνωσης, ήρθαν μόνοι τους, μαζέψαν χρήματα απο Γερμανούς φίλους και γνωστούς τους στο Μόναχο και έτσι κατάφεραν να στήσουν μια υποτυπώδη δομή για προσφορά βοήθειας στην παραλία. Θα κάτσει άλλη μια εβδομάδα και μετά θα φύγει για Ειδωμένη. Χρειάζονται και εκεί βοήθεια μου λέει. Την συγκινεί η ανταπόκριση του κόσμου, οι κάτοικοι εδώ που τους υποδέχονται με χαμόγελο.
Πιάνουμε την κουβέντα για τις πρόσφατες επιθέσεις στο Παρίσι και όσα συμβαίνουν στον υπόλοιπο κόσμο. «Δεν φοβάμαι το Ισλαμ, είναι ό,τι και εμείς, άνθρωποι. Δεν μπερδεύω το Ισλαμ με τον ISIS. Ο κόσμος πιστεύει ότι του προβάλουν».
H συνομιλία μου μαζί της.
Τ: Germany is going to split, regarding the opinion of the people.
F: About the borders you mean
T:About the borders, about the many refugees that are coming because they knew that around August Germany had a really good welcome culture but more and more are coming and some people now they are afraid they don’t know about the refugees, they are afraid of Islam and about the many men that are coming. But you see the pictures and also pictures from Lesvos island or other greek islands and I heard that volunteers are needed and now I have time and I also helped in Munich in the camps.
We don’t have flats to accommodate the refugees, there are many many camps. They expected that they would come in Germany and everything would be nice. The atmosphere there is not that nice. They are not allowed to work and they are just sitting and wait for something to change.
F: But you are not afraid of Islam
T: No, yeah but if you are realistic I know many Muslims, they are just humans as you and me and religion is a private thing. Due to the terrorist attacks and the Islamic State people have this idea on their mind and project this on foreign people they don’t know.
So, me personally I am not afraid and I try to first inform and first speak and look into the people’s eyes and then create opinion.
F: And what are your friends saying back in Munich about you coming here?
T: Munich is very positive regarding the refugees. All my friends are supporting what I am doing and also in between one week from my booking until coming here we collected 1.000 euros, donations from our friends and family and also clothes, socks etc. for one week only.
I know that in the time that we are here a boat came and two people finally died. I had one little girl which I changed clothes and bring something to eat, I searched for her mother in the camp and she was crying, she was shocked. I took her and wanted to check for her mother and finally found two men, one was her grandfather and the other one was her father, they were from Afghanistan and the father told me that the mom is dead.
So, I could not find the mom in the camp because she was already dead. This is very sad of course but you cannot save them all. You can do your best and many who arrive in the boats are totally wet and shocked. After a while when they get dry clothes, when they have some soup and tea they calm a little and you see them sitting there, also smiling and they are taking pictures, having a cigarette, and they don’t know what is expecting them. For example, now I heard it is totally chaotic at the borders between FYROM and Greece and I am already thinking of not coming to Lesvos again but going there, Eidomeni.
Κλείνει λέγοντας ειρωνικά «Fence is, of course, a great idea. Such a great idea of human beings. Building fences».
Ήρθε η ώρα να πω αντίο. Γεια σου Tina. Γεια σου κάθε «Τίνα» αυτού του κόσμου. Καλή δύναμη. Όσο υπάρχουν άνθρωποι σαν εσένα τόσο δε θα ζητείται ελπίς αλλά θα υπάρχει και θα ζει και θα έχει φωνή. Φωνή δυνατή, φωνή βροντερή, φωνή που θα ψιθυρίζει στη Συκαμινέα και θα ακούγεται σε κάθε άκρη του κόσμου.

Φωτεινή Γαϊτανλή